How did I get here?

Success has many fathers (and mothers).

As the year passes from 2014 to 2015, we reflect on that which has gone before and what lies before us. However in my instance a single post is not enough. Just over 5 years ago, I launched the Difference Engine, the first Accelerator Bootcamp outside of the US – and since there has been a lot that has gone under the bridge in the interim.

For my personal sanity (and before dementia sets in), I will prepare short “where are they now” blog posts for each of the 9 accelerator programmes which I have run over the last 5 years – spanning the Difference Engine, Springboard and now Techstars. There are many people I who have been hugely influential during the period, including supporters, mentors, investors and most importantly the companies and entrepreneurs that have participated in each – which I will refer to in each of the respective blog posts.

I will apologise in advance, I am sure I will miss multiple people along the way – but I will update along the way.  And to begin with I will start with a short outline of how the Difference Engine came about.

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